An initial spiritual awakening can be a joyful experience of oneness, or frightening and lonely or both. The joy comes from effortlessly resting in your own true nature, which is happiness.  The fear and loneliness may arise if you do not have a human support system in place to help you interpret and adjust to the new experiences of yourself and the world.  Sometimes this can appear to be a spiritual crisis.

Throughout the process of my spiritual awakening I was blessed to have had a guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda (a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati).  I could call, write or pray for answers to my many questions as I was evolving.  It allowed me to stay in faith and let go of fear.

Spiritual awakening is a process of letting go of ideas that are no longer useful in understanding the nature of reality and ones place in it.  With this blossoming comes the full expression of whatever gifts we were born with.  All of humanity benefits when we become aware of and fully embrace our soul’s purpose for being in this body during this lifetime.  We each become even better versions of ourselves, all the while understanding at a deeper and deeper level that everything in life is based on perspective and personal experience. 

There are no absolute truths (even this sentence is not absolutely true). Everything we think we know, is based on an illusion.  Whatever we perceive with our senses is not real, solid, or the same for all people.  Thirty people can attend the same lecture and each one will come away with a different understanding or experience based on their past, intellect, current state of mind, etc.  Some may even believe that the speaker said something that they did not say.  I have experienced this myself many times.

So, if everyone has a different experience of the world around them and each person is creating a unique memory of the same event, where is the absoluteness in that?  To understand this intellectually is one thing, but to see and experience this in real life is disorienting.  Seeing through the veil of reality and seeing its changing, moving nature can be weird!  The infinite number of ways this manifests in a person is affected by many factors.  One thing I can promise you is that as you mature on the spiritual path you will see things differently.  This may be tangible or intangible.

The more you do your own spiritual practices the deeper you see through the nature of apparent reality and the closer you get to seeing the essence of reality, which in its subtlest manifest form is conscious awareness. By continuously resting in conscious awareness you begin to know that the unknown and unknowable, nameless, formless and unfathomable exists, although you cannot perceive it directly, it can be experienced indirectly through that which is manifest.