Spiritual Diary

The spiritual path is often likened to walking on the edge of a razor. Therefore, we need ample discipline, dedication, decency and devotion to keep our balance on that edge. In the late 1970s, I created a spiritual diary to keep myself on-track. I wanted a tool that would assure accountability for any deviations into a purely sensual (or extrasensory) experience of reality. I wanted to live a life of practical selflessness. I was seeking liberation, enlightenment, and permeant freedom from suffering. So, here is a copy of my spiritual diary for your use. We are all brilliantly unique, so please feel free to adjust, modify and change this document as you wish. However, please keep the elements of selflessness and the virtues intact as they are the most important spiritual practices. I often ask what use is it to mediate for hours or to twist yourself into a pretzel, if you are unable to be kind to yourself or others? It is the kindness and compassion in thought, word and deed that are of the greatest gifts to humanity. Enjoy your spiritual journey! Hugs